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In California we use wood in most of our structures. Wood has advantages, it is renewable, cost effective, easy to use, and does well in earthquakes. Wood also has disadvantages, one of which is, it is a food resource for many organisms, mostly fungi and insects.

Fungus can only damage wood if it has a moisture source. To control fungus, the source of moisture must be identified and corrected. After that, if wood is damaged by fungus it should be replaced/repaired by a licensed contractor.

Wood destroying insects include termites and beetles. The three most common types of termites in structures in California are subterraneans, drywoods, and dampwoods. Each have a different biology. There are numerous wood destroying beetles. Some reinfest while others do not.

Biovent Termite specializes in identification and localized treatment of wood destroying insects with an emphasis on termites using Termite Tracker technology. Termite Tracker technology is scientifically tested and used in several research laboratories around the world. Termite Tracker technology can identify active termite infestations from inactive infestations using acoustic emissions. Once identified as active, Termite Tracker technology can pinpoint the extent of the infestation and areas which require treatment. Biovent Termite recognizes it is nearly impossible for most structures to be termite free forever, so we recommend periodic regular inspections to catch infestations early and minimize damage and cost.

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Easy as 1,2,3

  • STEP 1: INSPECT IT A certified Biovent Termite professional will do a visual inspection followed by inspection using Termite Tracker technology.
  • STEP 2: TRACK ITOur termite professional will use the Termite Tracker to verify if termites are still active in the suspected area(s).
  • STEP 3: TREAT ITLocalized treatment of all active infestations with one year guarantee on all areas treated.
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