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A smarter way to treat termites

Biovent Termite's competitive edge lies in its owners experiences, knowledge, innovative technology, and professional network of reputable individuals in the academic arena.

Unlike many other termite companies, Biovent Termite utilizes termite detection equipment to verify live termite activity on-the-spot and can issue a termite report in minutes; saving the customer time and money.  Traditional methods only require that visual evidence (waste, remains, mud tubes, etc.) of termite activity is sufficient to perform treatment.  However, visual evidence alone is insufficient in determining if termites are still active in a given area.  This opens the possibility of treating an inactive site with harmful chemicals when it's not needed.  The traditional method of detection and treatment can cost the customer hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenditures. 

Biovent Termite also has access to a personal network of high level academic researchers in the field of Entomology.  Through scientifical knowledge and thorough understanding of termites, Biovent can effectively eliminate termite infestations and help prevent future occurrances.  In addition, Biovent Termite understands the impact various chemicals have on the environment, which helps us minimize our chemical usage while effectively treating an infestation. 

The Partners of Biovent Termite has a wide range of experience in the fields of Biology, Entomology, Technology, pest control, real estate, and business operations.  With over 20 years of combined experience in these fields, it is no wonder that Biovent Termite will become a leading business in the termite industry.


Our Mission

Our mission is to become an industry leader in the termite industry.  Through state-of-the-art technology, scientific knowledge, and continuous education, we strive to protect our communities, our homes, and our environment.

The objective of Biovent Termite is to provide a more economical solution in dealing with termite infestation and prevention.  Our goal is to utilize the least amount of chemical to lessen the impact to the environment while effectively treating and solving the customer's termite situation.  We will use high tech equipment to immediately detect and treat termite infestations on the spot, thereby reducing the customer's waiting period for verifiable evidence of termites and the degree of property damage as a result.

Helping the customer, their property, and the environment are our biggest priorities.  

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